The Ultimate Supermoto

Starting with a crashed KTM 1190 Adventure R we decided to take a fresh look at what we always hoped KTM would have built using the 1190/1290 LC8 platform, an oversized naked bike with long travel suspension, a big bike Supermoto. KTM’s 990 SMR was an evolution of KTM’s dirt bike roots coupled with big power for its time however with the current iteration of streetfighters and big displacement naked bikes the 990 SMR quickly became a dated cult classic. The new 1290 Superduke R filled our desires for monster torque in a compact package but with its short travel suspension and road oriented chassis you find the need to ride it like a traditional sport bike in order to get the most of the bikes performance. The desire for sticking a leg out and launching off big curbs gave way to the RATicate Racing 1190 XLSM (Extra Large Supermoto).



When you can't leave good enough alone

The Husqvarna 701 is already arguably the best single cylinder Supermoto bike ever produced, problem is we thought we could improve what was already the most fun you can have on two wheels. We stripped the bike down to the frame and started on our vision from the ground up and the results are the RATicate Racing Husqvarna 701 SM.